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Art as a part of my self-development. Picasso once said “learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” and I always kept this in mind. I first started my practice with realism, classical forms and compositions focused on following the rules of beauty and harmony. As time passed, I started breaking off from the structure through surrealism, eventually evolving onto simpler, more abstract forms. A conceptual approach has always been present, every piece that goes through my hands has a very deep meaning.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my painting Master was the concept of light. The source of life! And, as a typical philosophical and ever learning Sagittarian, this coincided with the seed of my spiritual quest. Creating art has been a trusted companion on my journey of self-awareness and existentialism. Experimenting with different mediums has taught me that, as I express myself visually, I further discover myself.

My work always revolves around the understanding of the self, comprised of several stages. From tales of identity and freedom, to pieces communicating the idea of beauty in the world as a reflection of the inner-self; sexuality and spirituality as two seemingly different concepts, but of the same essence, being desire an expression of love - the transcendental within the physical. My current path is exploring how "everything is one", just like light is wave and particle simultaneously, so is everything else. Everything behaves in waves - the earth breathes in seasons, human emotions and hormones also have their cycles, even the financial markets do. 

Art evokes powerful emotions, reaching humans where other avenues may not. My hope is to stimulate the subconscious, challenge taboos, inspire some self-awareness and do my part in raising the vibes of this world.

I specialize in contemporary fine art. It is expressive, surreal and full of light.





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