20 years of trends.

20 years of trends.

oil + acrylic on canvas
48" x 36"


What is it? Are they mountains? Waves? Abstract? It's my rendition of 4 different pairs of currencies over a 20 year period. It's an ode to energy from a technical perspective - the financial market, just like everything else in life, is cyclical and moves in waves. These patterns can be beautiful and give us hope that, when things are down, and everything seems like doom and gloom, they are bound to rise again. 


The pairs featured can be distinguished individually by their respective metallic outline (gold for XAUUSD, silver for XAGUSD, copper for EURGPY, metallic lilac for USDJPY). All the lines are accurate. 


Because data can be beautiful too.


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    "Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life"
    - Pablo Picasso